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Our company is engaged in rigging: assembling and dismantling of equipment, as well as loading and unloading, transfer and transportation of equipment and cargo.
Since its inception the company has accumulated vast experience in rigging. Designed and manufactured a large number of exclusive devices to facilitate and accelerate the rigging.

Experience and modern technologies help the company to provide quality rigging services, quickly and reliably.

The main activity of our company all types of rigging. These include: the dismantling of industrial equipment, transportation and subsequent installation of equipment, and various rigging and services for moving large cargoes, machines, and entire factories companies.

Our company employs professional riggers, who can organize and conduct the whole complex of works on the rigging, installation and dismantling of equipment and movement of goods. It is thanks to our employees, the company is able to provide rigging of any degree of complexity, while ensuring high quality work.
When ordering our rigging services, regardless of their size and complexity, you can be sure of an individual approach to solving your exact objectives. Also, our specialists will come directly to you at the company, and will help to determine the best way of solving the rigging tasks. They will do everything possible to find the most effective solution. Optimal variant of the rigging will be offered based on the volume of tasks on the rigging, given the necessary deadlines, as well as your financial capabilities.




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